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Take advantage of the growing demand for solar energy and grow your business!

As a distributor of solar solutions, you have the opportunity to become a key player in this dynamic industry!

At a time when countries around the world are introducing stricter environmental standards and providing financial incentives for sustainable projects, the demand for solar solutions is stronger than ever.

Instructional video

Display for configuration and monitoring
Communication module for remote control (smarthome)
Input + and - cable from panels
Outlet 1 on the boiler coil
Connector for connecting 2 inverter outputs
Connector for connecting 2 inverter outputs + Temperature sensor

Advantages of photovoltaic water heating

✅ after a simple installation, it can harness the power of the sun's energy to heat hot water in almost 100 percent of households that have an electric spiral as a hot water source and have space to deploy photovoltaic panels with an output of up to 3 kWp

✅ for an average of 8 months a year, it will produce hot water for you for FREE

✅ if the sun does not have enough power on a given day, the water can be automatically heated from the mains using the thermostat function

the app on your phone gives you complete control over the system's operation, also providing clear data and statistics on the sun's performance

Why include solar heating in your offer?

State subsidies and market potential as a bonus

Solar water heating is economically attractive due to its lower operating costs and potential for significant energy savings, attracting a wide range of customers, from households to large commercial buildings.

With market growth and government incentives for installing renewable energy, the sector is set for expansion, providing significant business opportunities for dealers.

Installation and management of solar water heating

One and two boiler photovoltaic water heating

This section provides instructions for installing and managing a solar water heater. It includes sections such as: Connectors and Controls | Wiring | Recommended Component Placement | Water Temperature Monitoring | Solar Mode | Backup Mode

Mobile applications

Monitor variables:
Instantaneous values of panel voltage, current and power | Boiler / storage tank water temperature | Device temperature | Daily energy produced | Total energy produced | Graph of power and water temperature with annual history | Current mode of operation (grid, solar, off)

Set variables:
Limit maximum power | Set desired water temperature from PV | Set water temperatures for backup | Set time for switching heating to backup | Set duration of backup | Switch inverter on/offAutomationCreate automatic actions based on the values | of individual variables and control other devices in the home (sockets, bulbs, etc.

Share the device with another user | Remote firmware update | Possibility to upgrade the inverter firmware remotely via the Internet

Other products

  • ANTIK Photovoltaic battery

    ANTIK Photovoltaic battery enables efficient storage and use of solar energy for homes and businesses.

  • ANTIK Photovoltaic charger

    ANTIK Photovoltaic charger for electric vehicles offers an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for charging vehicles directly from solar energy.

  • ANTIK Anchoring material

    ANTIK Anchoring material provides a robust and reliable solution for the secure attachment of photovoltaic panels and structures.

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