Mobile app

Monitor variables:

Instantaneous values of panel voltage, current and power | Boiler / storage tank water temperature | Device temperature | Daily energy produced | Total energy produced | Graph of power and water temperature with annual history | Current mode of operation (grid, solar, off)

Set variables:
Limit maximum power | Set desired water temperature from PV | Set water temperatures for backup | Set time for switching heating to backup | Set duration of backup | Switch inverter on/offAutomation | Create automatic actions based on the values of individual variables and control other devices in the home (sockets, bulbs, etc.

Share the device with another user | Remote firmware update | Possibility to upgrade the inverter firmware remotely via the Internet

SMART Solar Cloud for the European Union

We are developing the SMART Solar Cloud platform for the European Union, which we are developing to transform the way Europe uses solar energy. This project uses the latest cloud technologies and artificial intelligence to optimise the management, monitoring and distribution of solar energy at a continental level.

Our system enables users - from households to large energy companies - to manage solar energy production and consumption more efficiently.